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You’ve decide you want to sell or you’re thinking of selling in the near future? We are here to help. Contact us for a free-no obligation appointment.


Establish the Listing Price

We will go over, in detail, the comparable price for similar homes sold in your area to determine the appropriate list price for your home.

Pricing your home correctly is extremely important. An overpriced home will linger on the market. A home priced correctly will sell quickly and may bring multiple (and many times) offers over asking price.


Preparing Your Home & Staging

When we meet with you we will walk through your home with you giving you professional advice to prepare your home to bring in the biggest return. During our walk through we may suggest moving certain items, clearing clutter or even a professional stager.

We offer free professional photos as a part of our listing process. Since almost all buyers start their home searches on-line, the use of professional photos helps bring in the buyer with a great first impression.


It’s Listed!

Once all the behind the scene work is complete we will be ready to activate your listing! Be ready for showing requests!!



Approving as many showings as possible is critical. We want the buyers to see your home so they can make offers. Turn on the lights, open the blinds, let the light in. Keep it as close to what it looked like on picture day!


Offers & Negotiations

Interested buyers will have their agents submit an offer on their behalf. We will review the price and explain the terms and conditions of the offer with you. Then you can decide if you want to accept the offer, counter the offer or refuse the offer.

In the event that you receive multiple offers on your home we will discuss your options and determine how you want to handle them and review and compare with you the terms and conditions of all the offers so you can determine which offer is best for you.


Under Contract, Inspections, & Appraisal

Once you and the buyer sign the contract paperwork you will officially be in contract. We will provide the signed documents to the title company and the lender on your behalf.

The buyers will likely opt to have inspections completed after you go into contract. There are a multitude of inspections that a buyer may choose to have performed. The most common are a home inspection, radon and pest inspection. Even buyers who buy as-is tend to do inspections.

The buyer’s lender will order the appraisal. It takes about a week after the appraiser visits your home before the results are in.


Final Details & Closing

As we approach the closing date we will make sure the lender is committed to the loan, the title company has the title commitment in place and set up the final walk through for the buyers and the closing date, time and location for you.

Once closing day arrives, a title agent will conduct the closing; transferring funds and ownership. And, we will be right there with you to guide you through the process and answer any questions.

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