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Protect Your Home From Summer Break-Ins!

Lori Hicks

A majority of my lifetime has been spent in the central Ohio area. I've watched it grow and change, and am proud to call it my home...

A majority of my lifetime has been spent in the central Ohio area. I've watched it grow and change, and am proud to call it my home...

Oct 24 3 minutes read
  1. Avoid Posting Your Trip on Social Media- Don't let the world know you are on vacation-and not at home- by posting on social media. Post those vacation pics after you return home and be sure to note that you had a fabulous time "last week on vacation!"
  2. Hire Someone to Mow the Lawn- If you typically mow your lawn each week or even twice a week, hire someone to keep it mowed in your absence. An unkempt yard could be the first sign to intruders that you are on vacation.
  3. Have a Neighbor Pick up Your Mail- If you are going to be gone for more than a week, it is wise to have the post office hold your mail and deliveries. If your trip is a week or less, ask a neighbor to gather your mail and deliveries, especially anything like a newspaper left in your driveway or a package on your front porch. 
  4. Put Lights on a Timer- Lamps and televisions can easily be plugged in to a timer to automatically come on to mimic your regular routine. Stick to your typical schedule when programming the time. If you are normally home at 6 and head to bead at 11, be sure your lights are mimicking that schedule while you are away.
  5. Pack in the Early Morning- Packing your car in the middle of the day is an obvious sign that you are ready to head out on vacation. Try to pack up in the early morning, before people are out and about or in the garage with the door shut if possible. 
  6. Let Neighbors Park in the Driveway- If you have a nearby neighbor, ask if they would mind parking one of their vehicles in your driveway. 
  7. Move Expensive Items Away from the Windows- Walk the perimeter of your house to see what is visible that might be break-in worthy. Is your television, gaming system or computer sitting near a window, etc.? Move items out of sight to deter thieves.
  8. Lock Your Windows-This tip may seem obvious, but windows are open and shut frequently in the summer and locking them may be forgotten. Check every window before you go-don't forget the basement!
  9. Take in the Trash Cans- Nothing says "We aren't home!" more than a trash can on the curb for 7 days. Ask a friend or neighbor to take out and bring in the trash on trash day. 
  10.  Utilize Exterior Solar Lights- Light up walkways and entrances to your home with solar path lights. These lights are affordable and easy to install. 

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