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5 Affordable Home Upgrades for Sellers

Lori Hicks

A majority of my lifetime has been spent in the central Ohio area. I've watched it grow and change, and am proud to call it my home...

A majority of my lifetime has been spent in the central Ohio area. I've watched it grow and change, and am proud to call it my home...

Oct 24 4 minutes read


The front door is your home's focal point. An outdated, damaged or bland front door speaks volumes about what is to come on the inside. Give your home a face-lift by replacing or repainting the front door and updating the hardware. This is an affordable step with a huge impact. Choose a door and that will appeal to a buyer’s practical side and add style to the front of your home. 

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Lori's Local Tip: If you have a knack for DIY, you can find the most amazing doors all around Columbus from antique shops to reclaim businesses! Columbus Architectural Salvage is one of my favorite places for historic finds that just need a little TLC.


A used toilet is just not that appealing. Replacing an old or outdated toilet can make a significant impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Spending a couple hundred dollars on a new toilet is worth the investment when you go to sell your home.

How to upgrade door knobs with spray paint -- the RIGHT way so you'll only have to do it ONCE! Get all the details (and why you shouldn't take shortcuts) from Sawdust2Stitches on


Tired, outdated fixtures will age your home even if you have remodeled other areas. You don't have to replace each and every fixture, but by replacing the key elements and giving those remaining a face-lift, you will breath new life into your space. Update the hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and replace light fixtures in both rooms.  Some old light fixtures can be spruced up with just a little time and paint. Though splurging on a new kitchen faucet with a sprayer- which combines practicality with design- will be appreciated by buyers. Check out this "how to" for doorknobs!


Nothing is worse than a beautiful home with dingy, yellow, mini-blinds or dusty, heavy curtains. Add new window coverings that add to, not take away from your view.

New window coverings can really modernize a room and is easy if your windows are regulation width. You can purchase basic wood or wide slate white blinds at any home improvement store. If your windows are not standard width, some of these blinds can be cut to fit at the same home improvement stores. Want to go a step further? Add plantation shutters on the lower level of your home- they can be a major selling point and offer privacy, while letting light in.

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Make your home more inviting with a new path leading to the front door. With so many choices in materials from brick to stone, to rocks or concrete, you can create the style that best matches your home and is most cost efficient. Brick pavers add a traditional and classic look, while small stones may match better with a cottage feel. Concrete works well with modern homes and large pavers can blend with just about any style. The goal of the pathway is to welcome guests and encourage buyers to come  inside!

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